Telluride's Jeb Berrier & Friends Perform "Nothing Is Sacred" At Opera House

[click “Play” for an uplifting message from Bunzy Bunworth]

IMG_2273 Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Telluride’s historic Sheridan Opera House

On April Fool’s Day, 7:30 p.m., watch sacred cows getting pounded into Whoppers, when the town’s favorite actor, Jeb Berrier, along with friends – Buff Hooper, Doug Jones, Jen Julia, Leo McNamara and Bunzy Bunworth (yes, Bunzy, back in town from Down Under) – get together to perform  “Nothing is Sacred II: The Resurrection.” The show is billed as a raucous blend of original sketches and live music by Sorbitol: broader than Broadway, more wild(e) than Oscar. Expect an evening that goes straight to The Dogs.

Jeb became stage struck at the tender age of six. Almost immediately he became as big a star as Spanky (and Our Gang), Shirley Temple, and Lassie. He did not, however, succeed as a dog until he changed his name to Denali many years later.

You had to be there. One of the sketches Jeb & Co. plan to redux on April is “Dogs” in which Bunzy figures prominently.

“I am really confident about the whole show,” explained Jeb. “Bunzy is back and impressive as ever. Maybe it’s his accent. Perhaps it is his resonant voice. Regardless, he looks equally beguiling dressed in a dress or in a studded collar, not as our dominatrix, but as our pit bull.”

Another blast from Jeb & Co.’s checkered past is “Dream Dinner.” Who would you pick to break bread with?

The resurrection of “Nothing is Sacred II ” occurs without benefit of Viagra or any other performance-enhancing substances. Jeb & Co. rely on nothing more than the power of an arched eyebrow.

With appearances by Ghandi, Jesus, Mark Twain, Dr Stephen Hawking, and The Poet.

To learn more – and because Jeb is overexposed what with “Bag It” and Telluride TV – click the “play” button and listen to Bunzy, not Jeb dammit, preview the show in his podcast.

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