Telluride Film Festival now recruiting help

Telluride Film Festival now recruiting help

Brochure 2010 The Telluride Film Festival is now recruiting candidates for the Production Apprentice Program.

From the Telluride Film Festival's website:

"Sure, there's the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with the film elite. But plenty of elbow grease goes into producing the four-day Telluride Film Festival. Our hard-working, problem-solving, movie-loving, people-pleasing, get-your-hands-dirty group of dedicated volunteers and staff are known as SHOWCorps. Corps is defined as: an organized body of people acting together – and that is exactly what we are! SHOWCorps is the nuts and bolts of the Festival; we literally could not do it without our team. What kind of talents can we use? Carpenters to build benches. Ushers to finesse the crowds. Food servers to nourish hungry souls. Muscles to haul gear. Your first step is to apply – we'll figure out where to harness your talents."
Go to the Telluride Film Festival's website for an application.

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