Grandparents' Bragging Rights: Anna Klein Wins Two Trophies

Anna Klein

When we at Telluride Inside… and Out write about skiing, we’re usually writing close to home here in Telluride. Last weekend the whole family of daughter, Kjerstin Klein (Kjerstin and sister Kimm Viebrock double as TIO’s back office magicians) were on the mountain at Seven Springs in western Pennsylvania for a local race series.

Mom and Dad (Greg Klein) brought home trophies in their races, brother Dylan Klein (age 11) spent the day in the rain as a gatekeeper, and 7-year old Anna managed a third place finish in the GS, and an amazing First in bumps.

The kids come by it naturally: Grandfather Willi Klein and their Dad were both successful ski racers, and Anna and Dylan spend a fair amount of time in the family business, Willi’s Ski and Snowboard Shops, a Pittsburgh institution. By the way, check out the urban downhill video on the Willi’s website.

Young Dylan is one of twelve representing Western Pennsylvania in state competition, and is a first year J4. And our new superstar Anna is a first year J6. Susan and I couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations!

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