Shambaugh keynote speaker for Telluride Women’s Week

Shambaugh keynote speaker for Telluride Women’s Week

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Editor’s note: Shortly after interview, in which we encouraged the community to attend, Telluride Inside…and Out learned from the management at Capella Telluride that the event is sold out. No room at the Inn. Period. With luck, that is not the end of the story. Perhaps Rebecca Shambaugh could be convinced to deliver a series of local talks on the subject of women and leadership. Stay tuned… 

The air in Telluride will be redolent of estrogen in the coming week.

Rshambaughweb Women’s Ski Week, March 6 – March 11, coincides with International Women’s Day, March 8, and the San Miguel Resource Center’s Phenomenal Women’s Week in Telluride, March 8 – March 15. Appropriately enough, on International Women’s Day, Women’s Ski Week welcomes keynote speaker, nationally known leadership strategist/author/CEO Rebecca Shambaugh, by all accounts a phenomenal woman.

Shambaugh is speaking on the topic of “Resilience: A Time for Reinvention.” Her sold-out event starts at 8 p.m. in the Ballroom at Capella Telluride in the Mountain Village.

Much has changed since 1920, when women in America got the right to vote. Much has changed since Gloria Steinem, a founder of the Ms Foundation, went deep undercover, dressing like a Playboy bunny to prove exploitation of women in Hef’s clubs. In the cool 1990s, according to primordial activist Betty Freidan, (“The Feminine Mystique”), “Ideas about the equality of women with men, about our right to participate in society, to earn fair pay, to control our own bodies, to speak with our own voices in political decisions, are taken for granted by most women in the United States and increasingly in the world.” But there are still glass ceilings – or as Shambaugh would argue, “sticky floors.”

Hillary Clinton defines resilience. In her book, “Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton,” Shambaugh surveys Clinton’s savvy, strategic traits. The short list of reasons why Clinton succeeds despite personal, public challenges includes:

    • Continuously learn and grow
    • Stay optimistic in tough times
    • Be adaptive while remaining authentic
    • Connect with diverse people
    • Appeal to both hearts and minds

To preview Shambaugh’s message during Telluride Women Ski Week talk, click the “play” button and listen to her podcast.

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