Pimps of Joytime perform at Llama 3/26

Pimps of Joytime perform at Llama 3/26

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Jay Ryan says it all on their Facebook page: “Get your pimp on.” Telluride’s The Llama (corner of Colorado & Pine) presents Pimps of Joytime Friday, March 26, starting at 10:30 p.m. for two very jazzy, jammy, funky sets. (And throw in a Latin twist, some rap, reggae, and blues for good measure.)

Mixing samples and dance beats with spicy musicianship and sweet vocal harmonies, The Pimps of Joytime have evolved since 2005 into the a five-piece groove machine that gets crowds at festivals and clubs from London to San Francisco shaking their tail-feathers.

The charismatic and soulful Brian J is the Pimps of Joytime’s band visionary, lead vocalist, guitar, keyboard. (In the studio, this one-man band plays bass and drums as well.) Conceived in the 1970’s in The BIg Easy, but born and raised in The Big Apple, the multi-instrumentalist seems to possesses the soul of an old bluesman from the Mississippi Delta, yet the man easily lays down electro funk grooves that makes the future sound like now.

“Be prepared to dance your asses off, because these guys are the real deal. Their songs are infectious, and they will have you humming along long after the show ends,” Globe Magazine

A few years back, when Mista J was working on his music in his studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he played a few tracks for a friend from New Orleans, the band’s spiritual address. The friend’s response to Mista J’s sound: “That sounds like the Pimps of Joytime.” The name stuck.

To learn more from Mista J about his music and his band, click the “play” button and listen to his podcast.

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