Mark Warner, Colorado Ski Authority shares views of Telluride

Mark Warner, Colorado Ski Authority shares views of Telluride

Tellurideinside-5 It's interesting to see ourselves through different eyes from time to time. Telluride Inside… and Out recently began corresponding with Mark Warner, owner and webmaster of Colorado Ski Authority. Mark was in the Telluride area a few weeks ago and offered to share some of his images and observations with TIO. I personally liked this photo of the ski area taken from the road to the Telluride airport. I often stop at the same spot to take in this panorama.

Tellurideinside-2 Mark writes: You see a lot of old mining equipment around this part of Colorado. As I was approaching the parking garage at Telluride I saw some tracks above me and thought nothing of it. A few seconds later I noticed a few people waiting at the end of the tracks so I knew that these weren't just some old mining car tracks. If you look at the photo below you will see what I found. This is a private lift to some of the condos located near the Mountain Village. This lift turns the corner and heads up a steep incline to bring owners and guests back to their ski homes. (the photo is of the Tristant Cross Lift which serves Tristant and Bear Creek Lodge, and terminates on the Village Bypass ski run in the Mountain Village)

Tellurideinside-1 Mark told us he hadn't been to Telluride for years and had never driven out to the east end of the box canyon. Here is his description of Ingram and Bridal Veil Falls, and the renovated power station at the top of Bridal Veil: I was taking photos of some of the frozen waterfalls at the end of the canyon when I looked at the LCD capture of an image that I just took. I noticed a white mining building perched on top of the waterfall.

Tellurideinside-4 This great shot of people enjoying a Spring afternoon on the "Deck" at the mid-mountain restaurant, Gorrono, seems to have been taken from the Village Express Chairlift (#4). Thanks Mark for sharing your day with Telluride Inside… and Out. He closes with this comment: Eventually I will be posting more of these photos in the Telluride section of my website. You can view the site and everything else on it here: Colorado Ski Resort Guide.

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