Events March 1st – 12th  at Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library

Events March 1st – 12th  at Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library

by Scott Doser

Monday,  March 1st at 6 pm

Composting 101

Tuesday, March 2nd at Noon
Books & Cooks with Host Chef Bud

Chef Bud Hosts Bar-be-que Chef  Bryce Freeman who will teach us how to prepare his favorite South Carolina Bar-be-que Sauce.  Live Demonstration.  Audience participants get to sample the sauce.
Wednesday, March 3rd beginning at 6 pm
Back-to-Back Literary Events
Thanks to a Collaboration among: Between the Covers Bookstore, The Telluride Writers Guild, the Wilkinson Public Library and Telluride Inside… and Out, Wednesday is back-to-back literary events.

First Event:
Jon Turk

Join Jon for an adventure in self-discovery.  Framed by high adventure across the vast and forbidding Siberian landscape, The Raven's Gift is a life-altering vision of the ties between the natural and spiritual realms, informed by one man’s awakening and guided by the ancient Spirit Bird with wide black wings and the power to heal.

Jon Turk received his Ph.D. in chemistry in 1971 but hounded by restless spirits, he kayaked across the North Pacific and around Cape Horn, mountain biked through the Gobi desert, made first climbing ascents of big walls on Baffin Island, and first ski descents in the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzia.  His two-year kayak passage across the North Pacific Rim was named by Paddler Magazine as one of the ten greatest sea kayaking expeditions of all times.  Jon has a long-time affiliation with Telluride and has chronicled his adventures in three books:
Cold Oceans, In the Wake of the Jomon, and, most recently, The Raven’s Gift

Second Event:
Bob Rubadeau  &  Publishing 101 Part 3
"Making Smart Business Decisions For Your Book"

In Part 3 of Publishing 101 we will be discussing a key decision in the publishing process,  choosing the road to travel. On one hand is straight self publishing where we continue to hire the parts of the process on a project by project basis. On the other hand is the exploding hybrid or digital press publishing option where essential services are bundled together with a printing and distribution package. Comparisons of costs for similar services is complicated and requires a fair amount of research. Wide fluctuations in the author control, fixed per book costs, and royalty percentages call for smart business decisions. That is what we will be working on. Creating a framework and categories for comparisons that will continue to come on line after the seminar.
It is not too late to Join us .. if you have missed the first to classes of Publishing 101.  Just ask Scott for a complete written review of the first two classes.

Thursday, March 4th at 6 pm

From Mine to Yours
How to Transform a Rough Gem Stone into a Piece of Jewelry

The Wilkinson Public Library in Collaboration with Dolce Jewelers presents an educational class demonstrating the Process that takes a rough gem stone and turns it into a piece of jewelry.   Join Renown Jeweler Beau Staley and award winning Gem Stone Designer Douglas Mays (from Idar Overstein Germany) as they demonstrate the use of a stone cutting machine.

Friday, March 5th at 8:30 am

Green Business Roundtable

The second GBR – Green Business Roundtable is scheduled for 8:30 AM on Mar. 5, 2010 in the Program Room at Wilkinson Public Library.  GBR’s are sponsored by the Wilkinson Public Library (WPL) and The New Community Coalition (TNCC) who are teaming up to host the Green Business Roundtable series.  This presentation by local experts will focus on the basics of what you can do to reduce the energy use of your business, through energy efficiency improvements.  Use less energy, save money on utility bills, be more effective in your use of energy and eliminate energy hogs. Learn the basics of a building energy audit (professional and do-it-yourself).  Take away a list of simple, cost-effective and recommended improvements that you can implement yourself, and learn how to recognize if you would benefit from professional assistance.

    •    What:    GBR # 2  - How to Make Your Business Energy Efficient
·        Building envelope (air leakage, insulation)
·        Electrical equipment (Kill-A-Watt meter use, appliances)
·        Lighting (bulbs, ballasts, controls)
·        Gas equipment (optimizing efficiency at high altitudes)
    •    Date:  8:30 AM  Mar. 5, 2010 – Wilkinson Public Library Program Room
    •    Speakers:  Ken Haynes, Chris Myers and John Matsko
    •    Invited:  The Regional Business & Non-Profit Community and interested individuals.
    •    Sponsored by:  The New Community Coalition & Wilkinson Public Library.  Funded in part by Telluride Foundation.  
    •    Cost:    Zero! Breakfast provided – donations requested.
    •    Please RSVP!!!  TNCC @ 728-1340 or by Thurs. Mar. 4th, 3:00 pm (We don’t want to run out of food!)

 Monday, March 8th at 5:30 pm
Telluride Film Festival Cinematheque at the Wilkinson Public Library

The “All About Food” series began in February with Academy Award-winning BABETTE’S FEAST.  Lucky patrons stayed after the film to enjoy the “Wilkinson Feast,” a fine dining experience served right inside the library walls.
Programmed by Telluride Film Festival Director Gary Meyer, the four-part series will continue on March 8th with a special double feature, beginning with Luis Buñuel’s Oscar-winning film THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE (1972, 102 minutes).  This masterpiece is a complex web of dreams within dreams within dreams, centered around a group of six upper-middle class guests who are forever sitting down to dinner, but are never able to eat.  The feast is prevented by a series of unexpected occurrences – becoming more and more surreal as the film progresses. 

After an intermission to refuel on appetizers, guests will be treated to a special screening of LA GRANDE BOUFFE (1973, 130 min., rated NC-17).  Nominated for the Golden Palm at Cannes, this controversial film follows four successful middle-aged men who go to a luxurious villa in the countryside where they vow to over-indulge themselves to death.  Directed by Marco Ferreri.  The SHOW will be hosted by popular TFF Ringmaster, Director, Producer and Film Professor David Oyster.
FREE TO ALL   Telluride Film Festival Cinematheque is a collaboration between The Telluride Film Festival and Wilkinson Public Library.

Wednesday, March 10th at 6 pm
Tiny Wildflowers of Telluride

Colorado Native Plant Society VP and SW Chapter President Al Schneider presents a photo show from his website  focusing on
"Tiny Wildflowers of Telluride" from 6-8 p.m. at Wilkinson Public Library Program Room.  The presentation is free and open to the public and refreshments will be served. 
Come learn about the Native Plant Society and plan on joining us again on a 2010 field trip.  See the CONPS website for more details.

Thursday, March 11th at 6 pm

A workshop for actors, performers, writers and artists with Sasha Cucciniello, founder and director of SquidShow Theatre

At the heart of every good piece of art there are characters.  How do you make characters real? How do they become fully realized beings?  In CREATING A CHARACTER  we will explore  how to develop characters in writing, on stage, film or in your art work.  Using different exercises, tools and your imagination you will learn to create a full character out of thin air.  Then we'll bring them to life – on paper, stage, the canvas or whatever medium you work in.   This workshop is a Collaboration between WPL & the Squid Show Theater.  Free to All.

BIO – Sasha Cucciniello (founder, director, writer, producer, performer) moved to Telluride from the big bad city of New York, where she was a founding member of CuriousNoise Theatre and company actor with Red Metal Mailbox . Favorite NYC credits: the film "9 Keys" (Dishwasher Studio), Sleep Cycle (Duck Theatre), Fefu and Her Friends (The Culture Project), Rubber Chicken Suite (The Tank, One Arm Red), Space Karaoke (The Tank, One Arm Red), Travelogue (Curious Noise Theatre), Lovebird with a Mirror (Curious Noise Theatre), SHORTS (Collective Unconscious), Desire Caught by the Tail (Here Arts Center), City for Sale (San Francisco Mime Troupe).  She has also worked with Performance Space 122, Philip Arnoult’s the Center for International Theatre Development and The San Francisco Mime Troupe.  
Sasha started SquidShow in 2007 and has been writing, directing, producing and performing in the company’s theatrical extravaganzas ever since. Physical theatre, deep comedy and "letting it all go" are her hearts passion. She also loves cephalopods and Harry Belafonte. 

Friday, March 12th 5 pm

The Power of the Media:   “America the Beautiful”, a documentary presented by Wilkinson Public Library and San Miguel Resource Center
Be Advised – this film contains graphic imagery and explicit language
As part of Phenomenal Women’s Week, WPL and SMRC are partnering with local high school students to present this mind-blowing documentary that takes an in-depth look at our cultural preoccupation with unrealistic standards of beauty.  This important film traces several intertwined narratives to present a powerful image of the power that technology and the media exert on our cultural values.  Not to be missed!  Bring your parents, friends, and teachers to this community screening and discussion
The United States of America is known for being one of the wealthiest nations on the planet with the most opportunities for its citizens. In 2004 alone, Americans spent $12.4 billion (yes, billion!) on cosmetic surgery. With such an abundance of wealth, why are Americans so discontent?
Too much television and easy access to plastic surgery are conventional answers, but they do not fully explain this national psychosis. These same images are found all over Europe and Canada, yet their citizens do not have this same obsession.

In almost 40,000 media messages a year, youthful Americas are being told that, unless you look like supermodels and rock stars, you’re not good enough for anyone to love. This is a message that too many people are buying.

The hope of achieving these ‘ideals’ has consumers purchasing cosmetics, toiletries, fashion and plastic surgeries at increasingly dramatic rates. Has the ‘American Dream’ changed so much that it can only be achieved once we can perfectly emulate the super thin and sexy images of Britney Spears or other pop icons?

Filmmaker Darryl Roberts goes on a two year journey to examine America’s new obsession; physical perfection. In America the Beautiful, we learn secrets, confessions, and strikingly harsh realities as Roberts unearths the origins and deadly risks of our nation’s quest for physical perfection.

In America the Beautiful we see how these increasingly unattainable images contribute greatly to the rise in low self-esteem, body dismorphia, and eating disorders for young women and girls who also happen to be the beauty industry’s largest consumers. Who actually benefits from this high-priced journey towards this ideal? Is corporate America’s bottom line so important that it justifies a nation’s psychosis? What are the true costs of our obsession with youth, beauty, and a slender physique?

At the heart of “America the Beautiful” is the story of Gerren Taylor, a teenager who went from being an innocent 12 year old girl to being one of America’s next top supermodels. As she and her mother head down the windy road to stardom, viewers watch the dichotomy between Gerren’s adolescent struggles and her adult “rites of passage” on the catwalks of Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and other top designers. Her tumultuous quest acts as a mirror to the American psyche, and it becomes apparent how the same beauty that could jump-start her career could ultimately destroy her young life.

To find out what has America’s pre-teens standing in line for their turn on “I Want a Famous Face”, and it’s adults on “Extreme Makeover,” Roberts dives deep into America’s culture of fear, consumption, and idolatry for all things external; he seeks answers from celebrities, media, academia, as well as everyday Americans.

Follow Darryl as he asks Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Aisha Tyler, Anthony Kedis, Tisha Campbell, Julianne Moore, Michael Beach, Mena Suvari, Martin Short, as well as Ted Casablanca from the E! Channel and Susan Schulz, the Editor-in-Chief of CosmoGirl!, along with various other celebrities and experts in cosmetics, fashion, media, and self-esteem the major question at hand…

Does America have an unhealthy obsession with beauty?  Discussion to follow!

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