Airline skiers at Telluride

Airline skiers at Telluride

[click play to hear Demian Brooks’ conversation with Clint]

View from the top of
Telluride gondola

The North American Airline Ski Federation (NAASF) is holding one of their ski weeks in Telluride from Sunday, March 28-Friday, April 2.

Local Demian Brooks is a Delta Airlines pilot (formerly Northwest Airlines) and the Telluride coordinator for  NAASF. Demian expects northward of 300 people in town for this event, which includes race training, racing, free skiing and a number of social events. 

These days, when one gets on a commercial airplane, the pilots are probably already locked inside the front office, and the flight attendants are madly trying to get everyone seated and their carry-on bags stowed on a full airplane. On the mountain this week you are likely to see the smiles airline people were once famous for.

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