Valentine's Day Poetry, #4

(editor's note: Around the Viebrock house, Valentine's Day is a high holy day. So to celebrate, we are publishing works from Telluride regional poets, Enjoy!)

And Love Said, You’ve Still Got a Thing to Learn, Dear, about Solitude

by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

“When we treasure our aloneness, it becomes so refreshing.”
    —Judith Simmer-Brown, Shambhala Sun, March 2010

Love said, stop your nervous nattering. Love said,
stop your twitching, your restive tapping, your
blah blah blah. And drop to your knees. Here.
Where you are. In the car. In the field of snow.
Love said, now. Love said, you. Love said,
what is this hunger? How could you possibly thirst
when I have brought you this sky full of clear,
this day of shine and laughter in every corner.
Love said, with fingers tangled in my hair,
talk to me, then kissed me so all my words
blurred with dusk. Love said, nothing is
certain. Love said, trust me. And I leaned in
as close as I could and begged to be touched.

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