Valentine’s Day Poetry, #2

Valentine’s Day Poetry, #2

(editor's note: Around the Viebrock house, Valentine's Day is a high holy day. So to celebrate, we are publishing works from Telluride regional poets, Enjoy!)

Not Just During Sunsets or in Candlelight, But

by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

There was that day in the grocery store beside
the kiwis and unripe bananas when I knew
I loved you. How do we know anything
that we know? I had a list. Tofu. Lettuce.
Tea. For dinner, some new recipe I’d found
in a magazine. Grapefruit. Green onion.
Hearts of palm. What satisfaction to write
things down and cross them through.

It had nothing to do with bananas. But I recall
how green they were and knew they’d sooner
or later turn gold. I remember the noodles I wanted
were gone. And I loved you. How thoughts deliquesce.
If anything makes sense at all, it’s the mighty
thud of our heartbeats, oh! wild inside our chests.

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