TNCC: summing up 1st Green Business Roundtable

TNCC: summing up 1st Green Business Roundtable

(editor's note: The information for this post was provided by TNCC's Walter Wright)

GBR-logo-color Telluride's The New Community Coalition wants to thank everyone participated in the first session of the Green Business Roundtable series on Friday, February 5, at the Wilkinson Public Library. The well-attended event was made possible with the support of the Coalition's staff, the Library and financial support from the Telluride Foundation. A special thanks goes out to Kent Ford and Tracy Daniels, the first presenters, who provided a model for green business development based on their experiences in Durango over the past seven years.

Highlights of the talk:

IMG_0134 • A Buy Local campaign and coupon book

• Collaborative product and supply ordering

• Savings options for demonstrable energy efficiency and weatherization

• Green building and green products

• Enhanced ecycling, composting and renewable energy opportunities

IMG_0140 A vibrant discussion followed Ford's and Daniels' talk, suggesting a demand for more of the same, with future talks emphasizing ways local businesses can go green, but still grow and save money.

Because the Coalition wants input from as wide a range of voices in the community as possible, we invite feedback via a survey on the Coalition's website.

Anyone interested in knowing more, contact either Colleen Trout or Walter Wright at 970-728-1340 or mail to: OR  mail to:    WPL – SCOTT DOSER 728 4519X20:  mail to:

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