Telluride’s SAF Young People’s Theater presents “Job Story”

Telluride’s SAF Young People’s Theater presents “Job Story”

Telluride's workplaces – The Sweet Life, Zia Sun, Telluride Ski & Golf among them – are the settings for the 33rd full-length musical production mounted by director Jen Julia's Sheridan Arts Foundation's Young People's Theater. "Job Story," performed by grades 9 – 12, opens Friday night, February 5 at the Sheridan Opera House. Two additional performances are Saturday, February 6, and Monday, February 8. There is no performance on Super Bowl Sunday. Show time is 6 p.m. nightly

In keeping with the populist zeitgeist, Jen's first thought was a musical adaptation of oral historian/radio broadcaster Studs Terkel's "Working," an exploration through monologues and vignettes of what makes work meaningful for people from all walks of life, from Lovin' Al the parking valet, to Dolores the waitress, from the fireman to the business executive. In the end, however, Jen decided the play's 1970s libretto and music were just too dusty for her hip teenage actors.

"I felt our show should be more relevant to my students and reflect their own experiences," explained Jen. "Instead of  'Working,' I decided to write an original script for them to perform."

 As a starting point, Jen asked her actors to share anecdotes from their own job experiences, which wound up setting her back on her heels.

"Through emails and conversations, my kids gave me the most honest, witty, and hilarious stories. They told me about babysitting, scooping ice cream, and annoying customers. They went on about ski-tuning and restaurant life and crushes on managers. Their words sang out to me and the script flew from my fingers. To complete our tale, we threw in a bunch of songs – The Ramones, The Grateful Dead, Loverboy, The Archies, Irving Berlin, The Breeders, Stephen Schwartz & Micki Grant, Charles Strouse & Lee Adams  – retaining two from the original show. The result: A hilarious and often heart-breaking rock 'n roll romp on the roller-coaster ride that is the lives of construction workers, waitresses, housewives, and truck drivers, just folks.

"My students are performing at their very best…they blow me away every day in rehearsal. Everyone needs to see them!"

Note: "Job Story" is appropriate for families, although the SAFYPT gives the production a PG-13 rating for some mildly crude language.

The following is the talented cast of characters:

Yann Bayon
Jonas Fahnesock
Kenya Strong Johnston
Amy Knight
Mia McLaughlin
Daniel Yohey
Spencer Zarr
Emma Anderson
Jackson Delves
Xanthe Demas
Nina Gerona
Devin McCarthy
Max Walker-Silverman
Celine Wright
Austin Altman
Jacqueline Child
Evan Macmillan
Naomi Major
Alexa Posner
Jessi Solomon
Robert Brown
Renny Engbring
Morgan Fansler
Jonathan Gerald
Ryan Hanley
Emma Lystad
Ryan Niebrueggue
Erin Pihl
Meredith Mueller
Emma Walker-Silverman

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