Telluride TV throwing a party to relaunch its brand

Telluride TV throwing a party to relaunch its brand

[click “Play” to listen to Cole Early speak about Telluride TV]

Jeb Berrier

The station formerly known as TCTV12 is throwing a party to relaunch its brand as Telluride TV. The event takes place on Friday, February 19, 7:30 p.m., at the historic Sheridan Opera House. The magnetic north of the evening is Telluride TV’s newest star, Jeb Berrier, joined by variety of local acts, including a live band, plus “best of” snippets from Jeb’s show: “This Week in Telluride.”

What’s in a name change? A lot sweeter and more in-depth programming for one thing – or three things to be exact. New initiatives include:

Cole Early photo
Exec Dir Cole Early

• “This Week in Telluride,” Jeb’s show designed to provide locals and guests with what’s hip and happening, three-day weather forecasts, snow reports, grooming reports, a community calendar, local news and goings on, and entertainment.
• “The Directors” Club: Student & School-produced Programs, to showcase videography-based artwork of the Telluride region’s budding producers and filmmakers.
• Recent news

In addition, there’s Telluride’s Green Hour, foreign films and locally-produced movies, including students shorts, plus concerts, lectures, and “Free Speech TV’s Democracy Now,” (global news and documentaries).

Why the name change? Shrinking local competition in the platform created a gap opportunity for the revitalized brand. The new and improved programming is the heart  and soul of Telluride TV, but there’s more to the rebranding than meets the eye. Telluride’s local TV station is hoping to become the hippest, funkiest media source in the community, the visual analog to KOTO Community radio, whose core values the TV station continues to mirror: non-profit, non-commercial, locally managed and operated, community-focused, citizen-driven, innovative, and reflecting a diversity of interests and viewpoints.

The history of Telluride’s TV station dates back 24 years to 1986, when the nonprofit became the smallest public access television channel in the country. Despite its size – the organization has always run lean and mean – in years past its cameras have captured well over 100 events. With more than 2,500 hours of programming in its archives, TCTV12, now Telluride TV, is a treasure trove of community history and a point of contact with the outside world as it develops new programming available both on cable and the web.

Telluride TV’s  mission today: celebrate the culture of Telluride by capturing its vitality, connecting citizens to one another, and educating through the medium of television.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to Telluride TV’s executive director Cole Early talk about the rebranded channel.

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