Telluride AIDS Benefit: VZF's Electric Bike

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Jake Spaulding

Dateline: Shanghai. It’s there and all over China, where it began. About 120 million of them on the road and counting.

Dateline: Telluride. It’s coming.

We are talking about a great alternative to a car. We are talking electric bikes, increasingly the vehicle of choice from bike messengers in New York to postal workers in Germany and commuters all over the world. While sales were relatively modest in the American market last year (only 200,000 were sold) interest is picking up.

IMG_5378 Electric-assisted bikes make sense in any community like Telluride focused on greener living. The question is whether or not e-bikes would be regarded as “cheating” by hardcore bikers, who think of their wheels as way more than transportation. The answer, at least locally, is a resounding “No.” 

VZF Customs is a collaboration among three hardcore Telluride-based bikers: business owner/entrepreneur Jake Spaulding, contractor Rich McDonald and investor Travis Spitzer. Their nascent company is developing its brand/business on the back of Spaulding’s and McDonald’s years of building custom bikes and motorcycles for themselves. The idea is to take mass-market bikes and convert them into cool, customized, one-of-a-kind electric bikes. Cool and green. Hard not to bite.

A VZF original will be auctioned off on the runway at the Telluride AIDS Benefit fashion show. VZF gets to strut its stuff before its target market and TAB gets to keep the money. Talk about a win-win.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to Jake’s podcast.

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