Telluride AIDS Benefit: Baerbel’s art auction

Telluride AIDS Benefit: Baerbel’s art auction

The girl can't help. For 16 years, Baerbel Hacke, director of the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, has put together a silent art auction for the Telluride AIDS Benefit. This year's event takes place Friday, February 26, noon – 9 p.m. at the historic Sheridan Opera House.

Ever notice that the word "pain" is embedded in "painting?" The Telluride AIDS Benefit's auction, however, is a wonderful way to transform pain into gain for the nonprofit's six beneficiaries.

Since the "virus" was announced in the U.S. in April 1984, AIDS has served as an insistent muse for artists of every stripe. Art has played a major role in the Telluride AIDS Benefit because the event's muse, Robert Presley, was a walking talking sartorial hyperbole, a fabric artist who created over-the-top costumes and whimsical fiber art.

Art about AIDS is as varied as its many creators, however, it always springs from a very personal place. Hacke's show includes paintings, drawings, photography, furniture, fabric art, jewelry and other personal and home furnishings accessories, all donated by local, regional and national artists. This year's participants in alphabetical order include:

Carisa Ames
Camilla Baca
Melanie Balsam-Parasole
Maure Bausch
Christopher Beaver
Susan Billings
Amy Boebel   
Ken Burns
Venus Castleberg
Nancy Craft
Eric Cummings                           
Michelle Curry Wright
Tina Elkowitch
Nicole Finger
Elaine Fischer
Michele Foote                           
Nancy B. Frank
Gallerie Framing
Lisa Dawn Gold
Kathy Green
Sue Hill
Sue Hobby
Scott Holman
Jason Houston
Johnny Johnston
Sherab Kloppenburg
Ben Knight
Marki Knopp
Judith Kohin
Gabriel Koskinen
Jennifer Koskinen
Drew Ludwig
Ladies Tea Drinking Society
Amy Levek
Matt Lew
Frank Liberteo
Ingrid Lundahl
Carl Marcus
Jane Mattson
Tammy McGee
Julie McNair
Suzanne Mears
Brittany Miller
Michelle Montague
Christoph Neander
Tim O’Brien
Inga Ojala
Ian Pasquer
Pam Pettee
Bill Proud
John Richter
Flair Robinson
Dieter Runge
Renny Russell
Cynthia Sampson
Sharon Samuels
Corinne Scheman
Rob Schultheis
Derrick Smalling
Annegret Steinmetz
Sherrion Taylor
Toshiki and Maryszka
Ursula Valentin
Goedele Vanhille
Jan Wenzel

Additional works from the collections of: Ron Gilmer, Will Thompson, Elisabeth Gick, Steve Spitz, Baerbel Hacke , Patti & Thruston Morton, Todd & Diane Thompson.

Special thanks to Ron Gilmer; Brenton Long; Telluride Gallery of Fine Art; Michelle Montague; Michelle Curry Wright; Carisa Ames; Don Whitney, Gallerie Framing; Chuck Arguelles, Wizard Framing; Scott Chambers; Suzanne Cheavens; Janice Zink and Norman Squier.

"Once again I am awed by the generosity of our extended community, which never fails to make valuable art available at bargain prices," said Hacke. "The auction is a unique opportunity to acquire something wonderful for yourself and your home while helping others in dire need. I still feel Robert's spirit when I put on this wonderful show."

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