Art Walk: Sypesteyn featured at Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, 2/4

Art Walk: Sypesteyn featured at Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, 2/4

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TELLGALLERYsypesteyn_Candle 3 First Thursday Art Walk, February 4, 5 – 8 p.m., is a big night out on the town. Locals and guests meet and greet on the street as they check out Telluride's fine art and retail scenes. Venues are open late until 8 p.m.

The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art , 130 East Colorado Avenue, features the work of artist Adele Kaars-Sypesteyn , who paints images of aged and decrepit walls, floors and other architectural features of buildings marred – or enhanced? – by time. Repetition of forms, the visual marks of lives well lived, evoke a feeling of bygone days and the weathering of lived-in spaces. The power and physical beauty of Sypesteyn's abstractions and landscapes also suggest the artist holds some interesting views about the aging process in humans.

Sypesteyn's mixed media images are a horse of a different color. Rather than being abstract, these photographs of horses are largely realistic. Painted abstract passages appear to be an afterthought indicating the presence of the artist on the animal's turf. Rather than being about time, Sypesteyn's mixed media work appears to be about motion: Tail up, mane flying in some unseen breeze, hooves pounding the ground: the artist's "Pegasus" could take flight any minute now.

Art Walk's host, The Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities, 283 South Fir, in Telluride's Historic District (one block south of Baked in Telluride), invites the community to an open house and membership drive at the StrongHouse Studios and Gallery, the region's only artists' cooperative. Become a patron of the arts for only $35. Why $35. Because for over 35 years, the Council has been championing grassroots arts in the Telluride region and building bridges between Telluride's visual and performing artists community. This month, Ally Crilly's Expressionist images of elephants remain on display.

At Amy Boebel's Sapsucker Studios, 299 South Spruce, the artist-owners "Screen Scapes and Shapes," aluminum screen wall hangings and sculptures, vessels and other objects are featured.

Schilling Studio Gallery, 151 S. Pine, is showcasing its entire stable of artists. Amy Schilling, a jeweler, also has plenty of bling for Valentine's Day.

The Daniel Tucker Gallery of the Ah Haa School for the Arts, 300 South Townsend, hosts a show of the work of the artist known locally by his initials: MD. MD's signature is bright colors setting off simple but bold shapes.

La Cocina De Luz, 123 East Colorado, features new works by Brittany A. Miller: Painted Stories. Also on display, Nathan C.S. Frerichs: Abstract Works.

Wildcat Studios, 224 E Colorado, shows local artists, photography and offers custom framing.

Lustre, an Artisan Gallery, 171 South Pine, is presenting the newest work of Pflipsen-Olivova Studio, monumental glass vessels, plus also lots of fine jewelry for Valentine's Day. (See related post and podcast for details.)

To learn more about this New Orleans-born Sypesteyn, click the "play" button and listen to Sypesteyn's podcast:

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