TNCC: Out with the old

TNCC: Out with the old

by Kris Holstrom 

Editor's note: TNCC's Kris Holstrom took the adage about "out with the old" literally. The culmination of her holiday trifecta was a purge. ps: Kris says to tell you the picture isn't of her house.

Fresh face on old walls

Claybrights The new year is a great time for a fresh start. At Tomtem Farm, we've been in our house for 20+ years and its age was showing. However, a bit of research, some time,  a little money and helping hands are doing wonders to restore our little house on the mesa.

First stop was EcoSpaces in Lawson Hill to pick up the eco-friendly products we  had ordered, but it turned out UPS had taken some time off and our shipment wasn't going to make it until after my helper Kirk had gone back to college. Necessity being the mother of invention, we changed course in midstream, choosing American Clay plasters, a product EcoSpaces had in stock, but a whole different scenario than painting.

Intimidating? Well maybe a little bit. I had helped  EcoSpaces with plastering their showroom walls years back, but this time I was on my own. However, after watching instructions on line, we forged ahead. Turns out the project was really fun. The mixing was easy with the drill mixer, the consistency just right, then it was about getting a feel for how the clay liked to be applied. It was cool to see the color change like shadows on a sunny day as the walls dried, the texture looks fantastic,  and it feels good knowing clay is a natural product that has been used for centuries.

With the clock ticking, we picked up some Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint from our local hardware store to work on some other walls. Went on smooth and easy, and no nasty (or maybe pleasant, but not healthy) paint smells.  

Buying from our local businesses makes me feel good, and our upgraded living room and kitchen – once I finish the second clay coat this weekend – are looking gorgeous.

A necessary part of the whole process is taking things off the wall, consolidating stuff and taking outdated things for recycling. Less clutter, restored beauty and supporting local businesses: A great way to start 2010.


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