Telluride’s MayaAir visits Las Vegas

Telluride’s MayaAir visits Las Vegas

Talk about flights of fancy.

To celebrate 51/2 months of wedding bliss, on January 6, Telluride locals Eliot Brown and Mary Sama-Brown, a broker with Telluride Real Estate Corp, headed to Las Vegas for a romantic getaway. Only Eliot and Mary did not have to deal with the hassle of booking a flight. The happy couple simply commandeered their own Twin Commander/Grand Renaissance 840.

Eliot's day job is operator and chief pilot of MayaAir, a Telluride-based air charter carrier. The Grand Renaissance became his airplane of choice for its all-around reliability and performance. This bird is just as strong and flexible as the acrobats in Cirque du Soleil, which the Browns saw on their trip. (Word is "Zumanity" is both funny and sexy, very sexy.)

Eliot's Renaissance is capable, at its max weight on the hottest day in Telluride, of departing with only one engine running. Instant responsive power enables it to handle the mountain wind shear conditions safely, and, due to its reverse thrust propellers, the plane's stopping power gets Eliot in and out of some of the shorter mountain air strips.

And green is not just for "Go." MayaAir is also the only TurboProp aircraft on the Western Slope offering green transportation.Through a four-year partnership with TerraPass, Eliot purchased reductions in carbon emissions equal to the carbon produced on his aircraft flight time.

The images in Clint Viebrock's iMovie were taken by Mary from the co-pilot seat. Enjoy the birds' eye view of Monument Valley, Lake Powell, desert outside Las Vegas, Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Lone Cone, the San Juan Mountains and short final, Runway 9 at Telluride.
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