Telluride Playwright Festival Hits The Big Apple

6a00e553ed7fe18833011570134a4b970c-120wi Jennie Franks' Telluride Playwrights' Festival owes a debt to the Bard. Four hundred years after his death, Shakespeare is still the most popular playwright in the world because his every word, every phrase offers dozens of possibilities for the pace, rhythm and trajectory of every scene. Directors and actors only have to get out of the way for the structure of the whole play to reveal itself. The Telluride Playwrights' Festival is all about words, not the production.

Logo For the past three years, Franks, president of Sparky Productions, has been staging bare bones readings of new theatrical works by emerging directors, performed by professional actors from the New York and London stage. Last July, one of those writers was Jan Buttram of New York's Abingdon Theatre. Her “The Phantom Killer," based on events that occurred in Texas, had everyone at Telluride's Opera House at the edge of their seats. "The Phantom Killer" is about to hit the big time. A full production opens in New York on Friday, January 22. The following is a synopsis:

On a scorching hot Texas night in 1946, Luke parks on a deserted country road with his new wife, Jessie. A Texas Ranger searches the same road hunting a serial killer. Before the three part ways, plans change, a deal is struck, a heart breaks and everyone is guilty.

If you are heading for New York, call 212.868.2055 (M-F, 10 – 6)
to purchase your tickets to "The Phantom Killer."

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