Telluride Inside… and Out Adventure: Ski the Himalayas

Telluride Inside… and Out Adventure: Ski the Himalayas

[click “Play” to listen to Ben Clark’s conversation with Susan]

Benbioshotlr This is day-in-the-life-stuff for Telluriders.

Backcountry turns? Sure. Ice climbing? Ditto. Bouldering and climbing in the desert? But of course. Long runs in the high country? What do you think. But Telluride local Ben Clark is not just any Telluride jock.

Clark is a successful filmmaker/enterpreneur and alpinist blessed – cursed? – with an unusually high level of the enzyme monamine oxidase (MAO) and the hormone testosterone, both of which are associated with thrill seeking. In other words, the guy is biochemically suited to the extreme endeavors such as his annual pioneering expeditions in the Himalaya. (And for flying without a net in the world of business.)

Telluride Inside… and Out will be posting links to Clark’s Himayalan adventure weekly. Why? Because his resume is a collection of the kinds of experiences that sum up the best Telluride has to offer the world. We – he – are all about show, not tell.

For the first installment, go to

Click the “play” button on Clark’s podcast to hear him tell the story about his path to Ski the Himalayas.

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