Telluride cheers for KOTO’s Lip Sync: a night to remember

Telluride cheers for KOTO’s Lip Sync: a night to remember

(photographer's note: Apologies to a few acts after intermission: my camera battery died halfway through the second part. Something about having shot nearly 600 frames. Sorry, it wasn't intentional.)

The highlight of Telluride's KOTO Community Radio's winter fun-raising campaign is always the annual Lip Sync contest. Rolling Stone red or slightly blue – as it often gets – the lips lived on Friday night, January 29 when KOTO radio hosted #25 at the Sheridan Opera House.

The evening's beloved emcees are the redoubtable Ashley Boling (Nocturnal Emissions) and Suzanne Cheavens, (Electric Angel). Each year this dynamic twosome adopts a different persona honoring a famous duet: who they will be is one of the best kept secrets in town (right up there with the line-up for the Telluride Film Festival). This year they were ringers for puppets Bert and Ernie, the roommates from Sesame Street.

At Lip Sync, contestants are usually elaborately costumed locals, who channel the voices of celebrities. Every year is a challenge to the next: Can you top this? Truth is everyone is a winner, only some more so. This year, the judges ruled in favor of Dick Unruh and Jeb Berrier as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, third place; "16 Tons, etc." Elissa Dickson, Megan Heller, Veneta Nikolova, Ashley Berard, Janee Kronk, Chris Norton, Andy Neary, second place; and "Oops I Did It Again," Daniel Ortiz (Britney Spears), Jimi Giles, Dallas Padoven, Sage Grey, Justin Weihs, Beau Davidson, Mick Bocchini, and Chelsea Winslow, first place. 

Among Telluride Inside…and Out's favorites who did not get the green: "This Isn't  It," a Michael Jackson tribute: Amanda Sturdevant, Lindsey Reinman, Ashley Deppen, Nina Tumbus, Amy Jorgenson, and Julia Wentworth; "Chocolate Salty Balls," Dave MacMillan and Fawanda; and "Bad Romance," Sasha, Aubrey Hackman, Clark Wine, Rayly and Brian Coll.

One of the unexpected highlights was the Kenny and Dolly reprise. Dick Unruh had left the building, so Bert was Kenny Rogers for the winner's dance. Good job, Suzanne!

Thanks for the mammaries.

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