New online publishing adventure introduced 1/6 at Telluride Library

New online publishing adventure introduced 1/6 at Telluride Library

[click “Play” to hear Bob Rubadeau speaking with Susan about online publishing]

Gatsby Cover draft w title Adobe high red Clint and Susan Viebrock of Telluride Inside… and Out, the Wilkinson Public Library, the Telluride Writers Guild, Between the Covers Bookstore, and Bob Rubadeau’s Sirius Publications have joined forces to help local writers and visual artists develop the skills necessary to explore the brave new world of small house/self-publishing in order to mine worldwide markets/outlets for their works. The online vehicle for accomplishing the ambitious objective of bringing manuscripts to publication is a subdomain of Telluride Inside… and Out: Book Biz. The complementary interactive free seminars held monthly in the Program Room of the Wilkinson Public Library operates under the banner Community Publishing 101.

The first live project supported by this joint venture on TIO is a fictional work by Rubadeau, a seasoned resident, political consultant, and local author.

This professionally led interactive journey begins Wednesday, January 6, 6 p.m. at the Library. We all have a manuscript tucked away. Seize this a unique opportunity to explore the new “right way” to publish your masterpiece.

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