World Cup In Telluride: Spotlight On Mick Dierdorff

[click “Play” to hear Susan’s conversation with Mick Dierdorff]

The World Cup in Telluride could be a life-changing event for snowboardcross racer Mick Dierdorff.  Only 18, Mick is racing for the opportunity to become the first homegrown snowboarder from the town of Steamboat, Colorado, to make an Olympic team. Whatever happens today on the snow, Friday, December 18, however, Mick is already a winner.

At 18 1/2 months, Mick Dierdorff’s parents had him harness skiing on Mt. Werner. By four, the boy had begun his racing career. At 13, Mick won his first USASA National Championship. At 14, he qualified for his first international competition and went to Trofeo Topolino, Italy with the USASA All-American Team. Just one year later, still on a fast track, Mick was competing in the USSA Revolution Tour. In his 2008/09 season, with two podium finishes under his helmet, Mick was in the running to win the Nor-Am title. He took second place at the Canadian Nationals, securing his Nor-Am championship and with it, a personal World Cup spot at every World Cup in the 2009/10 season.

In the theatre world, the expression “break a leg” communicates good luck. Not so much on the World Cup Stage – but we will be keeping our finger crossed.

To learn more about Mick Dierdorff, click the “play” button and listen to his podcast.

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