“The 525s” rock out at Wilkinson Public Library

“The 525s” rock out at Wilkinson Public Library

[click “Play” to hear Susan speak with Suzanne Cheavens]

525_v1 Used to be women who sought membership in this men’s club had better be butch. No more. Thanks to Mark Galbo of the Telluride Rock and Roll Academy, the girls in the band are preening, strutting rock stars.

 On Saturday night, December 19, 8 p.m., The 525s – Suzanne Cheavens, Suz Remec, Barbel Hacke, Cindy Carver, and Molly Papier – plan to rock out – wait a minute, in the Program Room at The Wilkinson Public Library. Yep, the Library, the perfect place to make noise.

The 525s began life as Machschau, performing to an SRO crowd January 2008 at the Sheridan Opera House. At the time, Cheavens, who plays lead guitar (doubles as KOTO music director) told Telluride Inside… and Out: “Being in a band and playing rock and roll is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I love the work and how making music makes me feel: exhilarated, happy, whole. Like I’ve hooked into some divine mystery. I wish I could do nothing except play my guitar,”

A year and a half later, the name of the band has changed and their repertoire has grown to include originals as well as covers.

“We’re having more fun than most human beings should be allowed to have. We are blessed with a shared vision, a strong kinship to one another, and the musical community at large – and really big amps,” said Cheavens today.

To learn more about The 525s first winter gig, click the “play” button and listen to Cheavens talk about dreams come true.

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