Telluride’s Rock & Roll Academy’s winter concert 12/12

Telluride’s Rock & Roll Academy’s winter concert 12/12

[click “Play” to hear Mark Galbo’s take on learning]

Triton F09 Telluride’s Rock and Roll Academy holds its 6th annual Winter Rock Concert at the Sheridan Opera House on Saturday, December 12, 2009. The extravaganza showcases nine bands featuring 43 student musicians ages 7 – 18, including 13 girls, from the public school, the Mountain School, Norwood and Ophir.

Innovative music educator Mark Galbo founded the Rock and Roll Academy is 2004 on the strongly held conviction music is “instant community.”  The goal of his School within the School at the Mountain School and his after-school initiatives are the same: deliver an experiential music program that promotes team building, self-expression, personal transformation, and social responsibility. In a nutshell, Galbo’s Rock and Roll Academy has little to do with priapic strutting and lots more to do with teaching kids how to make positive choices in their lives. They are taught fearlessness, finding mystery and fun.

The photo is of the band Triton, featuring AJ Rekdahl, a five-year veteran of the RRA program. AJ graduates this spring and has come to embody the values of the RRA.The other two members of the band are Charles Hughes on drums and Chase Lambert on bass. They are both freshman and the chemistry between these boys, despite the age difference, speaks to the power of the program and of AJ’s ability to model the values. 

To learn more about the RRA, click the “play” button and listen to Mark speak from the heart about his program in his podcast.

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