Golden Globe Nominations Include TIO Telluride Film Festival Favorites

Golden Globe Nominations Include TIO Telluride Film Festival Favorites

The Golden Globe Award nominations were announced this morning and Telluride Film Festival organizers get to feel very smart about their picks. Film Fest attendees get to feel privileged and TIO founders Susan and Clint Viebrock get to feel both smart and privileged because so many of the nominations are for films that premiered this fall in Telluride. 

TIO and the rest of the Telluride film crowd saw and loved Up In the Air before Toronto International Film Festival had its turn – and long before it hit the mainstream theaters. That scene was repeated with The Last Station and An Education

The only films on the Golden Globe nominations list that came out of Telluride that TIO did not see were The White Ribbon and A Prophet, but Clint and Susan definitely caught wind of the buzz surrounding those two enough to mention them in one of their Film Festival posts. (ed. note – A Prophet was initially  inadvertently left out; thanks for the catch!)

Taking notice of films that end up associated with ten eleven Golden Globe nominations can make you feel practically clairvoyant!  

2009 Telluride Film Festival entries receiving Golden Globe nominations 

Foreign Language
The White Ribbon (Germany)
A Prophet (France)

Supporting Actor 
Christopher Plummer, The Last Station 

Supporting Actress 
Vera Farmiga, Up In the Air
Anna Kendrick, Up In the Air

Actress – Drama
Helen Mirren, The Last Station
Carey Mulligan, An Education

Actor – Drama
George Clooney, Up In the Air

Jason Reitman, Up In the Air

Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, Up In the Air

Best Picture – Drama 
Up In the Air

If you want to feel the same special sense of insider-ship we do, you might consider planning a trip to participate in the 2010 Telluride Film Festival or at the very least subscribe to Telluride Inside… and Out so that you can catch our take on what's hot in films. Just a thought.

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