Sunday at the Palm: “Ponyo”

Sunday at the Palm: “Ponyo”

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Ponyo.11x17 The Telluride Film Festival’s Sunday at the Palm series continues Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday, November 29 4 p.m., with a rare treat for the holidays: magic and joy. Unbridled joy that sweeps up like a giant tsunami into ecstatic reverie in the newest award-winning film from animator extraordinaire Hayao Miyazaki, who won an Oscar for “Spirited Away.” The film “Ponyo,” (2008, 100 minutes) a sorta goldfish – actually some half-human, half-fish daughter of a powerful wizard (Miyazaki’s persona?) –  desperately wants to become a little girl after she meets a little boy who loves her.

“Ponyo” takes some inspiration from “The Little Mermaid,” by Hans Christian Anderson, but there is nothing macabre about Miyazaki’s tale, no one dies and only a few tears are shed.

Miyazaki’s messages float on the waves, just out of reach. Does “Ponyo” represent nature unbound? Is the story all about childhood before society unfurls its endless lists of do’s and don’ts. Does “Ponyo” suggest magic hides in the bushes of everyday, waiting to be discovered? Is the film the work of a fierce environmental activist, who uses anime to send out a message about protecting our oceans. All of the above?

Myiazaki’s logic is the logic of wishes and dreams. Erika Gordon of the Telluride Film Festival invites everyone in the community to revel in “Ponyo’s” unforgettable images, clean lines and bright splashes of color. Might just add some color to your life in these dark times. Plus, the show is FREE. Who could ask for anything more?

For more about “Ponyo,” click the “play” button and listen to Erika’s podcast.

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