Dog's Best Friend: Training Rescued Dogs

IMG_1194 The Telluride region's Second Chance Humane Society is in the business of finding rescued dogs (and cats) a family, where our furry friends can give and get the unconditional love everyone involved deserves. Telluride Inside… and Out's dog expert, Ted Hoff of Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel, believes there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Bad owners create bad, but not unfixable, problems – at least not for Ted. Enter Lulu.

Allison Dooley of Second Chance (pictured with Ted and Lulu) tells the story of Lulu and Ted, happy ending and all. However, for a true Hollywood finale, Lulu still needs an adopter.

"Lulu is the sweetest, most intelligent, loving, and energetic dog there ever was, but she has been living in our shelter off and on for three years. Because of a rough beginning, some abuse as a puppy, Lulu has struggled with a lack of confidence that did not allow her to trust new things –  people and other dogs – when they first enter her life. Because of her challenges, other than her Second Chance extended family, Lulu has not been able to bond effectively. Lulu's issues with meeting new dogs, especially females, prevented her from having consistently happy playtime with other dogs. Showing Lulu for adoption has not been easy, because she has needed a highly skilled adopter with the patience to earn her trust and loyalty, and a willingness to give a dog with issues a full, complete, and happy dog life. You might say Lulu's light has been hidden under a bushel.
"After seeing articles in Telluride Inside…and Out featuring Ted Hoff, our Second Chance director, Kelly Goodin called to set up a talk about Lulu.  I was very excited for the chance for them to meet and to see how Lulu might react to a skilled trainer. I became even more excited after seeing Lulu take to Ted so quickly.  Within just 15 minutes at Cottonwood Ranch, I felt Ted's methods would be just what Lulu needed: a firm but gentle hand, mixed with consistency. A the end of Ted's 30-day session with Lulu, when I went to pick her up, I was blown away by the difference in the dog's confidence, communicated by the way she carried herself and the calm, peaceful look in her eyes that showed me how much better she felt about life. 

"Ted showed me how to advance Lulu's progress using his method of training, how to reassure her and make every day a 'good Lulu day.'  After a week back with us here at Second Chance, that peaceful look remains in her eyes, Lulu does really well now meeting other dogs and has made several new friends. She does wonderfully in a home environment meeting new people with new routines. Lulu still needs an adopter who is patient and willing to do the things it takes to give Lulu 'good Lulu days,' such as offering lots of love, exercise, discipline, and quality time. That person also has to be willing to return with Lulu to Ted Hoff's ranch to learn how to communicate with her properly.  But thanks to Ted, Lulu is truly a different, more confident, happier dog, learning how to trust again.  We at Second Chance are very thankful to Ted for making all that Lulu's new reality.

"Anyone out there listening?"

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