Dia De Los Muertos

DiaDawn Last year, the sunrise on el Dia de los Muertos was nothing short of magical. I awoke in morning twilight to the turquoise blues, deep crimson and pumpkin orange of an Indian Summer dawn. Slowly, a gigantic, ominous cloud began forming above the eastern horizon.  I stood in awe, watching the sky take shape, feeling as if it was alive with heart and spirit. I grabbed my camera and stepped outside.

AngelDawn2 The air was cool and still, mild for Nov. 2nd. The morphing colors were magnificent, the world a quiet pool. I took a few shots and felt the silence, the clouds now shape-shifting from dragon to angel, depending on my perspective and mood.

This year, I will arise once again early enough to greet the spirits of the Dia de los Muertos dawn, the setting Moon and the rising Sun. Buena suerte con los espiritus y vaya con la diosa!

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