Pittsburgh’s Mattress Factory

Pittsburgh’s Mattress Factory

IMG_0444 When it comes to the arts, Telluride puts its money where its mouth is, lending support in substantive ways such as an artists' cooperative known as the Stronghouse Studios. Pittsburgh has the Mattress Factory, an artists' co-op and museum featuring installation art in room-sized environments, created by in-residence artists. Located on PIttsburgh's North Side since 1977, the Mattress Factory ((named for its location in a former Stearns & Foster Mattress Factory Warehouse) is considered the best facility for installation art in the country and among the best in the world.

IMG_0445 TIO visited the Mattress Factory on October 15, and among the works in the permanent collection is Yayoi Kusama's exhibit, "Infinity Dots Mirrored Room" (1996). Connecting the dots, Kusama's subject is the obliteration of the self: we as viewers become part of the work, reflected in mirrors and obstructed by organic forms. Inside the room, there is feeling of being Hoovered into the walls.

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