Dog’s Best Friend: Helping Second Chance

Dog’s Best Friend: Helping Second Chance

DSC_2155 The Telluride region's Second Chance Humane Society is one of a number of no-kill facilities in the state that rescues hundreds of homeless pets each year, many of which have become beloved Telluride pets. But many of the dogs who are given a "Second Chance" have been badly abused and/or neglected. Once they are rescued, they need a leg-up (no, not that kind) to find their way back into society to become a cherished family member. Enter Telluride Inside… and Out's expert dog trainer Ted Hoff of Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel in Crawford, CO. This past week, Ted has been very busy training several groups of rescue dogs, new adoptions, including Lulu, from Second Chance.

"The moral of the story is these dogs are very resilient, very trainable and so glad to find a good, loving home," explains Ted. 

Having gone through basic training with Ted, new owners need to set up these rescued dogs for success by having realistic expectations.

"The home itself needs to be stable, and the positive routines we've taught them must be constantly reinforced. Sometimes the healing happens overnight. Sometimes it takes months, but in my experience, it ALWAYS happens. The journey we go on with these dogs at the Ranch is one of the most rewarding in my work. I feel lucky to be in a position to help the facilities that help animals."

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