Clemente Interviews Ken Burns On "Travel Fun"

Mesa_verde-park-over Telluride local Maribeth Clemente does not, to my knowledge, possess a magic carpet. She is, however, in command of something that serves the same purpose: a talk radio show."Travel Fun, which airs bimonthly in and around the Telluride region on KOTO radio and simultaneously on the Web, which introduces her listeners to great places, people, and ideas.

Ken Burns has been making documentaries for more than 30 years, but he's really hit the the big time with his latest  PBS series: "The National Parks: America's Best  Idea." Know how I know? Because Ken Burns appeared on "The Rachel Maddow Show," eliciting praise for his vast effort from the program's brilliant, irreverent host. And, while in Telluride for the Telluride Film Festival – Burns is a board member –  he also talked with Maribeth on "Travel Fun."

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