Your Ah Haa Moment: Painting from Within

Your Ah Haa Moment: Painting from Within

Painting_within Did you know you had an artist living next door? Robert Weatherford is a Telluride local, an Ah Haa board member, and a painter with an international reputation. The course he teaches, "Painting from Within" is all about helping students bring their inner Picasso or Matisse to the surface. The class echos one of the founding premises of the school itself: Everyone is an artist.

Focusing on expressing what's hidden or unspoken, rather than technique,  Robert believes what makes a painting speak to the painter –  and the viewer –  is honesty. The work should come from the soul, not the intellect. The end result are interior landscapes expressing the movement of the spirit that are still aesthetically appealing and accessible.

Look for the next session of "Painting from Within" with Robert Weatherford this upcoming winter in the Ah Haa School's Fall/Winter Catalog, out this weekend, just in time for the Telluride Film Festival.

A selection of work from Robert's August class will be on display at La Cocina de Luz this October.

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