Telluride Film Festival: the big picture

Telluride Film Festival: the big picture

[click “Play” to hear Gary Meyer talk about “the big picture”]

Julie Huntsinger, Tom Luddy, Gary Meyer

There are about 2500 film festival across the globe, of which about 1700 are similar to the Telluride Film Festival, still, TFF is widely regarded as in a league of its own. Why? Why year after year do the men and women in black show up in force? Why are they here, not elsewhere, someplace where a glam slam matters? What factors set Telluride’s 36-year-old celebration for cineastes apart from the crowd?

On a more macro level, what impact if any did global and Industry trends have on the 2009 Telluride Film Festival? Were the pickings slimmer than in the fatter years? Did the Festival directors think twice about importing films and talent from all over the world to establish an artistic as well as screen presence, non-negotiable in past years? The Telluride Film Festival is a non-profit. Almost all non-profits were hit hard this year. Were belts tightened? Will we notice?

For answers to these questions, click the “play” button and listen to co-director Gary Meyer’s podcast.

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