Blogging from a Broad: On The Road To Blatten

Blogging from a Broad: On The Road To Blatten

My six day hike began with a warm up outing through classic Valasian pastureland.  Our group of eight women stayed at the elegant Lindner Hotel in Lukerbad, home to 30 mineral spas.  We had coffee at a wonderful farm off of a carriage road that was tree lined with cows mulling along the pathway, cow bells and all. 

The 8 mile hike had an elevation gain of 2750ft.  We had lunch at Fluealp Kapelle with a lovely chapel on the far side of a suspension bridge spanning a small limestone ravine.  The descent was through a lush woods that ended at a hut where we celebrated with a cold beer and blueberry tart.

The next day we hiked what is known as the Restipass.  Long day.  We took the Torrenthahn lift up out of Lukerbad and headed over a pass on an 9.5 hour journey.  We had views down the Rhone as far as Mont Blanc above Chamonix in France.  Closer we could see the Weisshorn, the Dom and others above Zermatt and Saas Fee. 

We hiked well above tree line with sheep everywhere, but now other people in sight.  The peaks that dominate the far end of the Lauterbrunnen valley below Wengen and Murren were the Oberland, Tschingelhorn and Lauterbrunnen Breithorn.  We had lunch and a beer at a beautiful hut about an hour and a half past the top of the pass.  The descent was steep and part of the road was under construction so only Carol Dix and I dared take the beaten path into Blatten.  The others took a cable car and bus.  The weather is cool so we layer all day, gloves, hat on and then off. 

This country is so beautiful and pristine, and friendly: I am hooked and will be back.  Sorry no pictures, limited computer access.  More to follow… adventure is Mund to Belap.

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