Finger painting: new portraits by artist at Honga’s in Telluride

Finger painting: new portraits by artist at Honga’s in Telluride

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By Shawna Hartley

Little India SM Telluride painter Nicole Finger shows her newest work at Honga’s Lotus Petal restaurant, Main Street, Telluride, starting September 3. The artist’s reception is 3 – 5p.m.

Finger’s portraits include local children as well as young innocents from around the globe: India, Africa and Nepal. These faces express the total lack of guile and inhibition and the complete confidence we tend to lose all to soon with the passing of years, once we learn our place in society.

The boys SM Finger holds a B.A. from University of Colorado, Boulder. The style she has developed over the years is distinctive: the artist favors a minimalist, modern palette to sculpt larger-than-life images in paint. Various local galleries have given Nicole Finger solo shows, and she was recently was honored by major acquisitions by St. Mary’s Hospital, Grand Junction; Children’s Hospital in Parker, CO.; and Weststar International.

Join us on Thursday for Telluride’s Artwalk when venues all around town and Mountain Village celebrate art and artists. Reception for Nicole Finger will be at Honga’s on main street from 3 to 5 pm and is a great spot to start your creative prowl around town.

“Little India” 30×30 oil on canvas; “The Boys” 36×36 oil on canvas.

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