Dogs Best Friend: Fern Cocker, Joe’s baby girl

Dogs Best Friend: Fern Cocker, Joe’s baby girl

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Let’s begin this week’s dog training chapter on Telluride Inside… and Out with some basic definitions.

Golden: An adjective defining anything made of the precious mineral, or slang for a great something or other, as in “a golden opportunity.”

Doodle: A noun describing an unfocused drawing or a verb describing the action of making a quick, free, loose image.

Fern: A noun describing one of a group of 20,000 species of plants from the phylum Pteridophyta.

Cocker: A breed of dog or a very rare breed of performer, who goes by the name of “Mad Dog” or “Joe.”

The sum of these parts: a Goldendoodle named Fern Cocker, a very lucky little dog, who lives at Mad Dog Ranch in Crawford, Colorado, with her people, Joe and Pam. Fern is perfect in every way – just ask her parents – but still a pup, who needs a little help curbing her enthusiasm. Enter Ted Hoff of Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel, a family friend and Fern’s trainer.

Click on the video to watch Ted work his magic. (Fern’s performance was nearly as good as her dad’s, who stopped the rain Friday night at the 16th annual Telluride Blues & Brews Festival.)

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