Corinne Scheman (Creel) at Telluride’s Stronghouse Gallery in September

Corinne Scheman (Creel) at Telluride’s Stronghouse Gallery in September

[click “Play” to hear Corinne on her work]

CorinneScheman The Stronghouse Studios/Gallery is home base for the Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities, which sponsors the First Thursday Art Walk, when galleries, studios, and shops stay open late until 8 p.m. to strut their stuff. Many venues, Stronghouse among them, hold artists’ receptions, 5 – 8 p.m. The event was designed to deepen ties between Telluride’s business and cultural economies by exposing locals and visitors to emerging and established artists and the town’s vibrant retail scene.

Stronghouse is featuring new works Corinne Scheman, landscapes, what the artist showed last year in the same venue only different. Because Corrine has changed, grown, moved on. And art is made from dreams and visions and things not known that come from within.

IMG_7828..5 x 7 web file Corinne’s show is about perception: how the artist looks at the world. How the world sees the artist. Landscapes are mutable, the perfect metaphor for an individual in flux, but one who is clearly passionate, clear, colorful, and strong.

Corinne is a longtime, devoted student of artist Robert Weatherford, a local with an international following. Robert teaches the way he paints: his acolytes such as Corinne and Elaine Fischer (her opening at Stronghouse was last month) learn to paint what it is about a subject that touches their insides, not the thing itself, but gut responses that precede words.

For more about Corinne’s history and how she sees her new work, clearly a mirror, click the “play” button and listen to her podcast.

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