Art Goodtimes on Telluride Mushroom Festival

Art Goodtimes on Telluride Mushroom Festival

IMG_5178 Art Goodtimes, Telluride local, poet, county commissioner, fungophile, and sometime correspondent on Telluride Inside… and Out, has written a poem to celebrate the recently held Telluride Mushroom Festival.

In our insistence on living in the present, or at most, in the near future, it's easy to forget the past. Even the recent past. To take a little step backward in time this Telluride Film Festival week, TIO is happy to publish Art's poetry:

Prayer for the Great Shroom

Gratitude to fungi.
Gift to the clans from the powers underground.
The de-composers. Breaking down strings of amino acids
& fatty woodwind arpeggios. Composting dead trees & creekside
kettledrums. Orchestrating the grand wheeling kiva crescendo
of singing, cycling & recycling. Sparked by nature’s spore
plugs of regeneration:
Polypores. Puffballs.
Stinkhorns. Earthstars. Corals & Clubs.

And gratitude to Fungophiles.
Throwbacks to an earlier dawn. Of earth dancers.
Soil singers. Not Homo sapiens but Humus ludens.
 Hunting & gathering once again on the Lizard Head slopes
 & in Sheep Mountain forests encircling To-Hell-u-Ride .
Playful mud men & mud wymyn getting
down dirty to dig up stipes. Or
dressing crazy
& parading their fealty
to the sacred ‘Shroom — be
She healing tonic. Gourmet treat
or deadly toxin for those who
pick without respect.

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