Telluride Museum: Hike into History

Telluride Museum: Hike into History

IMG_4491 Telluride author and historian, Rudy Davison met a group of nearly twenty locals and visitors early Saturday morning, August 8, at the Telluride Historical Museum. Davison led us up past the Bridal Veil power plant and up into Gray's Basin for a look at, and a discussion of the Mayflower mine, high up in the basin.

IMG_4507 If you have not had an opportunity to join Rudy Davison on one of his historical hikes, you have been missing a chance to view Telluride's not-so-ancient history up close and personal, and have a decent day's exercise in the bargain.

IMG_4503 The day was perfect for the hike, and stops were made en route to talk about local geology and plant life. One of the interesting sidelines of the Mayflower talk is the short period of time that the mine and its infrastructure were in service, given the amount of effort and money that went into the project.

Do you believe you would have slept through all of those college history courses you missed if this had been your classroom?

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