Telluride Museum: Fireside with Howard Greager

Telluride Museum: Fireside with Howard Greager

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Show_image_in_imgtag The Telluride Historical Museum’s Fireside Chat series continues this Thursday, August 6, at the Fire Pit in Telluride’s Mountain Village with “Cowboy Tales of a West End Cowboy”, featuring guest speaker and author, Howard Greager.  Greager was born into a cowboy family and continued the tradition for a good portion of his life. 

Howard Greager was a cowpuncher in many western states but his home has always been on the western slope.  In his travels as a cowboy he met many a character and his stories are both funny and poignant. 

Howard Greager began to write stories about the West and soon found himself sending those stories to a local paper where he became a contributing writer.  When the paper folded, readers requested he write a book compiling his many stories, which were written with a pencil in long hand.  To date Howard Greager has penned six books.   Greager’s most recent book is titled Smoke From Old Campfires and Forgotten Trails

His best seller is The Hell That Was Paradox, about the settling of Paradox Valley in Montrose County, Colorado, also referred to as “the slaughterhouse of the West.” Tough men and women settled there, frequently living beyond the reach of civil law.

Howard Greager’s collection of true short stories about Western outlaw history, is titled Posey’s Spurs, and in this interview Greager recounts the fascinating story behind the book’s title.  

Howard Greager will be speaking at the Fire Pit in Mountain Village beginning at 5:30 pm.  The event is free and open to the public.

For more information on the fireside chats, log on to or call  970-728-3344
To buy Howard Greager’s books, contact him at 970-327-4215.

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