On the Road from Telluride

On the Road from Telluride

IMG_0394 In previous posts I have mentioned that it is difficult to leave Telluride in any season, but in Summer, for me, it is hard to even contemplate. Susan left two weeks ago to finish a major commitment to get her teaching credentials in her yoga discipline, Viniyoga. I stayed in Telluride to hold down the fort until time to join her for her last few days at Mount Madonna, California, and to attend her graduation ceremony.

Because my days were not going to be too busy, of course I brought along some toys. I wasn't sure I would be using the kayak, but I wasn't sure I wouldn't, so it came along. I thought my mountain bike might be more versatile for our location than the road bike, so that came as well.

IMG_0399 I didn't get much off-road riding, but the lower gearing of the mountain bike proved useful even on the paved roads on the mountain. There are some steep sections.

The hit of the rides was an afternoon with our niece, Zoe Rosenblum, from downtown Santa Cruz to the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. It was a good workout, and included a great hike among millenia old redwood trees.

It's good to leave Telluride from time to time, not only to appreciate from a distance the wonderful place we call home, but to see that there are other grand places in the world. Hurray for Telluride, hurray for Planet Earth!

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