Dog’s Best Friend: The girl with the curl

Dog’s Best Friend: The girl with the curl

[click “Play” for Ted’s experience with Molly]

DSC_0219 On Monday, August 31, Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library is hosting an all-day pet rescue event. At noon, Second Chance Humane Society arrives in town with its Pet Mobile. Its passengers: adorable animals in need of a family to love. That evening, Second Chance’s brief presentation is the warm up act for an award-winning film, “An American Opera,” directed by Tom McPhee about the mother of all pet rescues post Katrina.

This week, Telluride Inside… and Out’s dog expert, Ted Hoff of Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel, Crawford, Colorado, has a story to tell of a whole other kind of rescue involving a dog named Molly, the girl with the curl.

Bottom line: either we train our pets ( and kids) or they train us.

For more about Molly and training lessons to live by, listen to Ted’s podcast.

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