Dog’s Best Friend: double retrieve

Dog’s Best Friend: double retrieve

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DSC_0182 Telluride Inside… and Out’s dog whisperer, Ted Hoff of Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel, Crawford, Colorado, continues with his lessons about training retrievers, Labs and Goldens.

Working our way through the glossary of retriever training terms, we begin with concepts such as  “Amish training, ” the art of training a dog without the use of an electric collar on to “cast,” giving a dog a specific direction through the use of body movements and finally on to the lesson of the day, “D” is for “double retrieve.”

A double retrieve occurs when two items are thrown for a retrieve, but not at the same time. A double tests a retriever’s memory because the animal must pick up one object, return it, then go on to the second object, and return it.

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