Back to School in Telluride… and Tibet

Back to School in Telluride… and Tibet

The girls lined up School will start again soon – for our children in Telluride and the girls at the orphanage/school in Kardze, Eastern Tibet. It’s time to gather supplies, buy some new school clothes and try on a new backpack; what’s routine for our children could become reality for the 108 girls in Tibet as well — with your help.

• A bit of background:

LAmdrak Rinpoche by Om Mane Kardze lies in the eastern Tibetan province of Kham, famous for its fierce –and dashing- horsemen, fantastic monasteries, vast grasslands dotted with yaks and nomads’ tents, and a strong sense of cultural/ethnical identity. A local tulku (re-incarnated lama) by the title Lamdrakh Rinpoche oversees a cheerful nunnery there as well as the Tibetan Health center, and has established the home and school for girls. He wants to make sure that these future mothers will be prepared to raise the next generation well. Presently, there are 108 girls enrolled, from age 4 to 16. Some are orphans, some were abandoned due to severe poverty or illness in the family, some were handed to the school so that they could get a Tibetan education. They live and learn in a gorgeous, traditional home in extremely crowded conditions. Divided into 5 classes they learn Tibetan, English, Chinese and math.

• The needs:
Classroom Warm clothing for those harsh winter months (a traditional wool coat, called chuba, made by local tailors); school supplies from pens and paper to computers; vocational training for those who graduate; playground equipment; professional training for the teachers; and so much more…

• Your part:
You sponsor a Tibetan girl at $10 per month for one year. At this small amount please consider supporting even more than one, maybe one for each one of your children, for the children you always wanted, for your grandchildren, for beloved children in your life. The impact will be
tremendous. You can truly change the life of a Tibetan girl for the price of a lunch sandwich; she will pay your kindness forward. I cannot promise personal contact to “your Tibetan daughter,” but regular updates and reports on the whole school.

• To sign up please see
All contributions are tax-deductible.

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