Telluride’s SquidShow Theatre presents “Squids! Live!” starting July 27

Telluride’s SquidShow Theatre presents “Squids! Live!” starting July 27

Listen, Telluride: I understand dogs and cats, but frankly I find it tough to embrace this whole subject. Then again, I am a mere humanoid, not a cephalopod with a large head and tentacles, especially tentacles. And I am not Telluride’s SquidShow Theatre company founder, Sasha Cuciniello, who is obsessed with things Jules Verne.

Sasha and her friend/collaborator, New York director Jen Wineman – have built an entire evening around their shared passion. You guessed it: cephalopods. In fact, they and their company of actors – Dahlia Mertens, Teresa Koberstein, Tom Shane and Colin Sullivan and New York based actors Layna Fisher and Ryan McWilliams to round out the cast – have come up with a  theatrical extravaganza– part cabaret, part vaudeville, all squid – that covers the waterfront on subjects near and dear to a mollusk from love to favorite TV programs.

Personally, I have never met a calamari (squid in Italian) I did not like. But on a plate. On stage? We’ll see…. Meanwhile, someone please pass the aioli.

“Squids! Live!” shows at the Sheridan Opera House on Mondays, July 27 and August 3; and Tuesdays, July 28 and August 4. Curtain is at 8 pm. The play is FREE and open to the general public, but the material is not suitable for children.

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