Evan Tueller featured in Ah Haa’s auction in Telluride

Evan Tueller featured in Ah Haa’s auction in Telluride

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Evan_tueller The work of recent Telluride High School graduate (Class of 2009) Evan Tueller reminds us that a bond with the natural world is often an essential aspect of great art, particularly landscapes.

Evan is the youngest of 16 established artists whose work is featured in the live auction at Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts’ 17th annual fundraiser. The event takes place Friday, July 24, the old Depot, 300 South Townsend, starting at 5 p.m.

Evan’s landscape, an oil pastel, “Sunset Over Snowcaps,”  was the result of a happy accident: she was out walking her dog at sunset, just as the waning light teased a riot of colors from snow-covered mountains. The work presents the scene out her back door in a kind of hyperspace, where the world seems alive and in flux. Evan’s agitated style is reminiscent of Cezanne, in which light reveals and distorts.

“Sunset Over Snowcaps,” was also the winner of Ah Haa’s 7th Annual Youth Art Award, which honors regional middle and high school students for their creativity and interest in the arts.

Evan Tueller was born in Pasadena, California, but raised in Telluride. Her mom, Lynda, also an artist,  put her child in classes at Ah Haa starting at age four.  Finger paintings on bathroom walls had gotten old.

To learn more about the influences that have informed the direction of Evan’s art, click the “Play” button and listen to her podcast.

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