Big green plans for the Telluride region from TNCC

Big green plans for the Telluride region from TNCC

With the assistance of Telluride's The New Community Coalition and April Montgomery of the Telluride Foundation,  San Miguel County sent off a large grant request to the EPA on Tuesday for their Climate Showcase Community grant.

The grants are for communities to apply for funds up to $500,000 to assist local and tribal governments in developing plans, conducting demonstrations, and implementing projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while achieving additional environmental, economic, public health, and/or community benefits. The overall goal of the Climate Showcase Communities program is to create replicable models of sustainable community action that generate cost-effective and persistent greenhouse gas reductions while improving the environmental, economic, public health, or social conditions in a community.

Some of the highlights  included in the grant are the purchase and use of Eco-Audit software that helps individual households track and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Funding for greening government and public buildings

If successful this grant would be a huge boost to our regional efforts at sustainability. Please send your good vibes out for a positive outcome for this application!

Other projects covered by the grant include solar hot water for town park showers and swimming pool, energy saving technology for the hockey rink, additional funding for Telluride Townies bike lending program and two feasibility studies – one for energy efficient public transportation and another to study the forest carbon equations in our region as well as biomass energy potentials.

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