Big Green Bus Arrives In Telluride

IMG_4147 The Big Green Bus was on Main Street, Telluride for a few hours on Monday, July 27. Did you see it? The Bus is decked out with sustainable bamboo flooring, recycled glass counters, solar panels on the top to feed the systems on board, and its diesel engine has been modified to run on used cooking oil, filtered enough to keep the oil moving through the engine.

The mission of the Big Green Bus is to show how environmentally sound practices can positively impact our carbon footprint, and to encourage people to think about innovative solutions to climate change.

IMG_4140 The Bus is impressive, but it is the young people traveling in the Bus who inspire confidence that we just may be able to correctly answer the questions our Earth is posing to us. They are earnest, knowledgeable, friendly- just who I would hope to have as spokespeople for this important message. And remember, they have been "on the road" since June 16. And the enthusiasm seems undiminished: "Would you like to tour the Bus?" "Let's talk about our carbon footprint." "Would you like to purchase a t-shirt?"

IMG_4145 IMG_4135 Yes to all of that. And Grayson Zulauf's 4-hour stay in hometown Telluride was spent encouraging visitors to the bus to ask questions, giving tours, talking about the mission. Telluride Inside… and Out will be posting podcasts from Grayson and videocasts from Annabel Seymour. Don't forget to check out BGB's website.

Thanks for spending a few hours with us, Big Green Bus people. Keep putting out the word.

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