Ah Haa in Telluride: auction Friday, July 24

Ah Haa in Telluride: auction Friday, July 24

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Auction_poster On Friday, July 24, starting at 5 pm, Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts holds its 17th annual art auction. The fun-raiser is one of the biggest and best parties of the summer season. The theme, “Celebrate Art: Be the Artist You Want To Be,” reminds us what the school is all about. “Ah Haa” is an interjection of success – but success can be defined in any number of ways.

Success to Alpine Bank, the title sponsor of the auction, is not just measured in terms of assets on hand. The institution, unique among banks, is all about sustainable growth and supporting non-profits such as Ah Haa that make a difference in the greater community. Success might be a sibling catching his brother or sister in a lie: “Ah Haa! gotcha.” Success may be getting the punch line of a joke: “Ah Haa! I get it.” Success may be seeing someone or something in an altogether different light.

Success to Archimedes was a hot bath. The legend goes that the Greek mathematician figured out a way to calculate the volume of any irregular object and ultimately test the purity of gold after seeing how much the water in his tub rose to match the volume of his body. His exclamation, Eureka!, is a close approximation of Ah Haa. Success to book artist Daniel Tucker is the moment we discover our inner artist and let that genie wail. Tucker founded the Ah Haa School for the Arts in 1990 to create an environment where personal epiphanies routinely follow morning coffee.

IMG_3666 Highlights from the 2009 auction include three emotionally charged mixed media pieces by celebrity artist Susan Saint James made in collaboration with  internationally known local, artist Robert Weatherford. Rico artisan Brandon Baines  fashioned a cabinet from cherry and walnut. Pastel artist Bruce Gomez of the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art created a view of Sheep Mountain. Long-time auction sponsor Azadi Rugs  donated rug cubes.There are also works by local favorites Kathy Green and Nicole Finger, plus jewelry, ceramics, glass works, photography, and an electric car.

Proceeds from the auction go towards scholarships, visiting artists programs, instructor fees, equipment/supplies, maintenance/improvement to the Depot, all expenses that tuition alone barely begins to cover.

Food and beverages are available throughout the evening. Dress for success as the artist you most admire, or just come as you are.

For further information, click the “play” button  and listen to Ah Haa’s marketing/exhibitions manager Lauren Metzger’s podcast.

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